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Distorted Breed: Tour Diary – Part 2, Day 1

Frontman Jim D, updates us exclusively on the band’s UK tour.

The Rain Keeps Falling and Still No one Comes. We left Sue’s house packed all the gear and roared off to Crumlin where there is a great pub that is run by The Patriots Mc! We are playing here tonight and its all got the buzz of impending crowdlessness about it.

The place itself is a great venue and the people here are great but the first thing I was told as I walked through the door was “you’ve not got a crowd tonight as they are all else where!”. Well, I took this with my usual good humour and we all set up. We had not yet seen the promised rock crowds of Wales. However, we are a band who likes to play this made no odds as we were ready for our usual set and the party afterwards.

I sat and watched Conflict against play their set and was, as usual blown away by a group of guys this young playing to nobody but giving a performance of a lifetime. My heart goes out to those guys as they truly were talented and wonderful people and never got ground down by the reality of the situation!

Pizza Time!

Having been a little short on food lately we decided to put thirty pounds of the tour money towards two great big pizzas to line our stomachs before we had to start drinking in earnest. I went along to the pizza place and ordered what we wanted and was asked if we were in a band! It must be how we look as we seemed to be asked that everywhere which is no bad thing! From this the lady behind the counter asked “What do you sound like?” in a very Welsh accent I replied with my normal answer which is, “We are a rock band none of that shouting business just good guitar driven rock and clear vocals!” . Then she did something that no one has ever done before … she bought a cd! Without even hearing anything she just said “I’ll have one of those!” At this, I stood spell bound by her beauty and then legged it back to get a cd for her! She then said ” Let me look at you so I know who is singing to me!” so I gave my best smiling rock star look and then left quietly embarrassed!

The gig was a little jaded by the lack of anyone! The promoter Ray came up to me before we went on and said its all good there are 30 people in the other bar. I got up walked to other bar and was greeted by 6 people sat there looking like I had trespassed on hallowed ground!

Patriot's Stage

After the gig we packed up, a little sullen and were then treated to the best party of the tour as The Patriots looked after really well with beer, talk and finally beds! Thanks to those guys we really needed a good night!

We left to do a radio show interview with Angel from BRFM FM in Wales which was all good apart from the fact I was still very very drunk! I had to have a sleep in the van while we were waiting and then we went for some food which stayed inside me for about four minutes! Just enough time to sort myself out for the interview! Angel I have to say looked a little worse for wear too.  I think he had partied a little to hard himself!

Support band - Patriot


We moved on to the next gig and were greeted to the sound of the manager and Ray ray (the promoter) talking. To cut a long story short it sounded like we weren’t too welcome as the band put on were an indie band and we are not that in any way so maybe the billing was a little mucked up! Also we were told we would play for beer as there was no money taken on the door! Well as we werent even advertised at the venue and the door price was £3 we saw the reality of things! After us playing to small crowds Roxy being very ill and other members of the band having problems back in the world we had a small chat and we decided not all was kosher so after trying to keep it all going we realised it was time to go home and play the next part of the tour starting Thursday next week!

Alex and I mounted the skull van and drove like bats from hot places back over the bridge away from Wales! Home was reached safely where i crashed into a deep sleep to be awoken by my dog the next morning in the usual fashion. Her standing on my chest waiting to be taken out!


The Derby Gig has been cancelled due to the fact that it has been raining for five days straight and there is a severe weather warning which has caused the Old Bull to flood and all electrics have been blown!

I don’t know what to say but I will say this – see you in Worcester!

Love, Respect and Dirty Rock n Roll

Jim Distortion

Distorted Breed