Distorted Breed: Tour Diary – Part 2, Day 2

Jim D keeps us up to date with the Distorted Breed UK Tour.

It wasn’t a chocolate bar but we did have a sweet time!

Hippy and I jumped in the van, after the disappointment of derby we were right up for playing the best of gigs in front of a huge Worcester crowd all being well of course nothing having gone too well up till now! After checking where in the country we were going this time we headed out! There was banter and tree education being provided by Alex not that I was listening as I was already thinking of the first beer of the day which hopefully would only be three hours away!

The road was clear right up until we hit Birmingham and as usual there was a monumental traffic jam!

By the time we arrived at the Marr’s bar the world was covered in Blackness but for once the rain had stopped! I walked in the door and was greeted by Vikki the bar manager with a loud hello and a hug! She remembers us from last time and put the kettle on as we quickly unpacked the van  so the guys would turn up and see how good we were to them!

We saw straight away our tour posters up and also what’s on posters had our gig on it at the venue and we knew that Marrsy knows how to run a venue!! Met the man himself and the first thing he did was cook for us! Man we love this place! By this time the toxic twins and Andy had turned up so we chowed down and then sound checked! PERFECT SOUND you guys this place is too good!

We were supported by two bands the first called The New Root were lead by a girl singer who was not only hot but very talented a really good little space rock act! The main support was a crashing rock band full of enthusiasm and expensive gear! They will be hooking up with them again! Terasunda was the perfect support as they brought a huge noisy crowd with them that not only stayed for our set but made loads of noise and gave us all the support and in shot loved us! It was the best show yet! Full on crowd support made our job allot easier this time!

We crashed on the stage and played the best set yet with as I have said the best crowd possible! We were flying high so as we finished I decided the time had come to get completely and totally wasted rock star style! Mr and Marrsy were at his bar till five am when we decided we needed to stop drinking and get some shut eye before the long drive to the London show.

During the evening a girl called Lucy had decided she didnt want Roxy and made a be line for bearded old me! I spent an hour telling this woman that I was taken and wasnt interested it turned out she was making her ginger boyfriend jealous! This was a green flag to a racer so I gathered the troops and we all got her the attentiuon she was desiring from her man! He on the other hand got a little angry right up until I asked him if he didnt like us paying attention to his woman! He scratched his head and slowly said no! So I walked three paces away turned on a sixpence and shouted ” Well look after her then idiot!” To this I was expecting a fight, a bit of action, some rumpus but no he obviously believed I wasnt to be argued with, apologised to me and Lucy and proceeded to give Lucy the attention she wanted oh so badly right in front of us! See Distorted Breed help you with your love life and play you great rock music!

This was the best of nights and we love the Marrs Bar and Worcester and will be back in March next year!

Next stop the big London show at the Purple Turtle where we will have our metal and ability tested to the full!

Love Respect and Dirty Rock N Roll

Jim Distortion

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