Santa’s Sack Trick

Sack Trick to play two shows before Christmas.The lovable rogues who sing about tomatoes and sheep (not just those two) are popping up again for two Christmas shows. They will also be metal shows for the multi-tasking, multi-talented piece consisting of rotating talents of Chris Dale, Robin Guy, Reuben Gotto and Ben Calvert and more.

The dates are:
Sunday Dec 12th Camden Underworld – London, UK (supporting Nightlord)
Friday Dec 17th Gimle – Roskilde, DK

Of the London show, Chris Dale comments: “I guess with that kind of bill we won’t get away with a country banjo set. We’ll have to do Metal Trick, drop the keys, twin axe attack, foot on the monitor, heads down”.

The fun of Sack Trick could be said to be a daft treat. The band members have got plenty of other things going on. Chris continues:”Robin Guy has joined Tigertailz. We knew it would happen one day! Before his dates with them he’s got a GMT tour with Bernie Torme starting next week. Reuben Gotto and Ben Calvert have started recording for the new Twin Zero album. The two Alex’s, Dickson and Elena have been recording a secret project together in LA, but I’ve told you now so it’s not a secret anymore. Dave Cheeseman’s over in Vancouver setting up a Canadian franchise for Pillow Talk. Myself, Doogie White and the Mighty Grav have got a new album out this week. It’s called “War Machine” by Tank… it’s very metal too!”

But back on the subject of Sack Trick, plans for more music? “our new live album which we’ve secretly finshed and is ready for release but we’ve not told anybody”. Oops.

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