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Nix’s Banter: Happy New Beer

Editor Nix chats about the goings on in PR HQ …Christmas and New Year, done and dusted for another eleven months (or a couple if the retailers had it their way). No sooner had some of the shops farmed out the remaining festive tat, in some places – Easter eggs have turned up. Not forgetting the other pointless day of spending – Valentines Day. Because you can only tell your nearest and dearest you love them and they are special on one day of the year. Not forgetting the restrictions on transport, the amateur way we deal with snow (that would get me on the old soapbox). We’ve got it all wrong.

I may sound like a cynical old grouch but I’m my most happiest when I can go out, see some friends, make some new ones, have a drink and watch a few bands. Not shirk at the slightest sign of snow or a ‘holiday’ to get from one side of London to the other for fear of not being able to get home. I just wanted to get that off of my chest. Done. .

However, the holiday season did open up to quite a few brilliant gigs. Certainly around the capital. I went to two of my favourite gigs of this year. I saw Electric Six and Jackdaw4 at the Islington Academy and the mighty Stereo Juggernaut at The Gaff. On two totally different planes of musical scale but on the same note of awesome. I’ve been to a fair few gigs this year, but not as many as I’d like due to various reasons but I know a couple of our staff have racked up 100+ gigs in 2010.

So 2011, what is to look forward to? Plenty of gigs leading up to the summer festivals and hopefully a year of more wealth. God knows, the underground music scene in general has suffered terribly over the past couple of years. There have been too many quality venues shutting down, promoters having to quit (with this note, my heart goes out to any promoters reading this), people not going out because they can’t afford to – there are plenty more things that have fallen foul to the ‘R’ word. Quite frankly, it’s been a bit wank. Maybe something has to change but what – I’ll leave to you to debate.

However, despite my negative flappings above – there have been some good things. People still care. People have still put stuff on. We’ve had a record number of people voting in the initial stage of the Pure Rawk Awards. Infact, I’ve just had to repair our link to the Awards voting because the results collector got overloaded. We release the nominations for the awards on 10th January. There are some clear nominations and actually a few bands we’ve never heard of before and decided to check out. So keep them coming.

So in summary – the festive season is mostly pants, I saw a few cool gigs last year but wanted to see more, it’s a bit rubbish for people involved in putting underground music stuff on (but when has it ever been easy?), I’ve developed a fatal fascination with making cupcakes (I’ve not mentioned it before but I have) and we got swamped with votes (hopefully this is a positive sign of things to come).

While I scamper off to stress myself out with behind-the-scenes planning for the actual event, go and make sure you vote at

Much love and cupcakes,