LIVE: Nemhain/Trash Monroe (Big Red, London 13/3/11)

The most obvious comparison for Southend goth-rockers Trash Monroe would probably be Queen Adreena – lead singer with the “scary little girl” look and two guitarists clad in Victorian style frilly shirts and jackets. But that’s selling them short a bit – they’ve actually managed to form a decent sound of their own and it’s a lot more focused than you’d maybe expect from their image. There’s a definite power behind songs like “Neon Thorn” and it’s quite clear from the energy they put into their performance that they definitely mean it (maan). It all makes them a good support band for tonight’s headliners and definitely a band I’d happily go and see live again.

It’s been a few months since we last caught Nemhain live as they’ve been holed up on Murder Mile (North London version) beginning work on their forthcoming second album. However, they’re out on what’s pretty much their home turf to give the fans a preview of the new stuff tonight and it sounds like a fairly straight continuation of  their debut, last year’s “From The Ashes”. Not that that’s a bad thing as it was a pretty sound album in my opinion and Nemhain are on good form tonight as Amber Erlandsson stalks the stage menacingly spitting out the lyrics to songs like “Ana” and “Second Skin” while behind her the band remain as impressively tight and focused a unit as always.

A pretty good evening’s listening all told. Been introduced to a decent new band and had my appetite suitably whetted for Nemhain’s second album later this year. Can’t ask for much more than that really.