Video Of The Day

Video of the Day: Evil Scarecrow – “Crabulon” (live at BOA 2014)

Yes, we know it’s not an ‘official music video’ and we only make those our VOD’s – BUT, we felt you need to see one of the funniest and creative bands around perform their ‘pincer fisted’, hard metal, smash hit, “Crabulon” at Bloodstock Open Air last weekend. Thankfully, someone awesome by the name of Arran Attrill uploaded this megabeast of a video which was captured from the live stream on Dailymotion.

We really hope that there was someone there from the Guinness World Records. Just how many metal heads were there strafing from side to side in unison?

If you watch this and want more – go to for all your Vampyre Trouser, Robot Dancing and Hell Dog needs.

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