Introducing The Main Grains

Danny McCormack isn’t one to stay down. One time member of The Wildhearts and The Yo-Yos, McCormack is back with The Main Grains completed by guitarists Ben (Modern Day Dukes) and JJ (ex-Spill Sixteen) and drummer Ginna. With their mini-album Don’t Believe Everything You Think imminent, Danny answered a few questions for Pure Rawk, well he did once he’d gotten out of hospital…

The single Unscrewed is pretty straight ahead punk n’ roll. Is this what we can expect from the forthcoming mini album? Or are there some surprises in store?

There’s always surprises mate, and I love making them. Never know how it will turnout and sometimes surprise myself.

Has it been a band effort when it comes to songwriting?

Not as much on this one, but everyone in the band writes so who knows what’s round the corner. These ones were songs I’ve had knocking around for a while.

All the members are in/have been in some great bands with hardcore followers. Consequently you’ve pulled in a good fanbase already. How does that feel to know people were already interested before you even released a not of music?

It’s an absolute honour, makes it all worthwhile, having people already interested in a band they have never heard. If they were into any of the stuff in the past they will love it. It’s the best stuff I’ve done in years.

You’re already confirmed for Camden Rocks, can we expect to see you gigging your arses off before then?

We would have been doing loads of gigs but out of the blue I had an abdominal aneurysm, so unfortunately it’s put us back a bit. We are still Camden bound for the first gig though!

The band is still very much in its infancy, but what are your ambitions with The Main Grains?

Ambitions are to make the best music we can, and hopefully get a fanbase to come along on the ride with us.
The Main Grains’ debut mini album Don’t Believe Everything You Think is out this March and will be available to pre-order at soon.