LIVE: Heck – London Borderline, 21/03/2016

The artists formerly known as Baby Godzilla (damn you Toho!) are back, and they have a debut album in tow. For anyone who has seen them live before, it is quite something to behold, and this show within the intimate surroundings of the Borderline was no different.

When I’ve seen them previously, lead singer Matt has started the set from the heart of the crowd, but on this occasion all four members of the band started their set on stage, leading to a brief concern that perhaps the band had toned down their wild act. However, this concern was assuaged pretty quickly as Matt dived headfirst into the crowd, guitar-in-hand within the first 6 seconds of the first song. This really set the tone for the rest of the gig, with most of the band crowd-surfing their way through the songs on the new album, while never missing a beat.

At one stage we had band members on stage, on the bar, hanging from the pipes on the venue ceiling, in the crowd, and making use of every possible part of the space they could. One of the drums was crowd-surfed briefly into the audience, and various spectators ended up doing backing vocals both from the crowd, and on occasion, from the stage. This was organised chaos, and it felt far fresher and far more visceral than most bands could even dream of, and of course the assembled, frothing mass of humanity lapped up every glorious second. It was loud, it was intense, and it was just phenomenal on all counts.

The new material from the debut album Instructions was very well received, and rightly so it is a fantastic debut, and a huge statement about the band’s arrival. However, Heck have clearly not forgotten their roots, and the BG era of their existence, with Powerboat Disaster making an appearance towards the end of the set, much to the glee of the crowd. They are clearly four very down-to-earth guys who love very much what they do, and that is evident throughout. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, make sure you get down to one of their upcoming gigs, because there is genuinely no live show by any band anywhere that is quite like seeing Heck.