Introducing: Chapter And Verse

Tom Mimnagh and Dan Stent sat down for a brief chat with one half of Chapter & Verse, drummer Ash Morton, and vocalist Josh Carter, moments after they came off stage at this year’s Camden Rocks festival.

You’ve just come off stage at The Monarch at Camden Rocks, how do you feel it went?

AM: Yeah really well, we really enjoyed that.

JC: Yeah it was really good fun, really nice turnout.

A really good turnout, bearing in mind you were going up against some big bands today…

AM: Yeah it was, there were nearly 100 people in there.

JC: It’s very cool. That is one of the things we were worried about, because there are so many good bands on today. We came here thinking, shit, we want to see so many bands ourselves, but obviously if they all had our attitude no-one would be watching us (laughs).

You guys have only been around for a short while, but you’ve clearly amassed a fairly good following in that time, how do you feel like the audience reacted to the set?

AM: For us it’s the case that as a fairly new band at these things, people get into your stuff as the set goes on, and the audience grows. So at the beginning there were fewer people, but as it goes on, more people come in to check you out based on what they can hear. That affects the atmosphere, and by the end of it I think people were really into it, a lot of heads nodding along. So yeah really pleased with how the crowd grew into the set.

When did you guys first get together as a band?

JC: Myself, Johnny (Hopwood, bass), and Darren (Gosling, guitar) got together at the beginning of 2015, and we’d been working on the band for nearly a year and we’d written so many tracks; we ditched loads and tried out loads of different ideas. Then eventually once we’d decided on it, we wrote an EP and went on the hunt for a drummer, and completely by fortunate chance we came across Ash. He came in pretty much in the midst of the EP being done, and we launched officially in March this year. So not very long at all really. It’s been in the pipeline for about a year and half, but it’s only really been a proper ‘thing’ for about 6 or 7 months.

It’s really encouraging that you guys are so tight musically after such a short period of time, which can only bode very well for the future. What’s next for Chapter & Verse?

AM: We’ve got a few more shows coming up. We’re playing the Old Blue Last in London, where we are launching our EP, with Chasing Cadence, and Massmatiks. After that we’re gigging through the summer, and hopefully going back into the studio towards the end of the year.

JC: At this stage we’ve only released two tracks with videos so far, so this year is very much about just getting ourselves out there, launching the EP, and letting people know what we’re all about, and getting ourselves out there for an many people to see as possible.

That sounds brilliant. Chapter & Verse, a band to look out for in the future, best of luck with it all.

JC: Thanks

AM: Cheers.