Singles Roundup

Singles Roundup October 2016

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and those as yet undecided to October’s singles roundup! You seemed to enjoy September’s outing, so we’re back with the latest batch of the best, or at least most interesting, new singles that have caught out attention this month.

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Love Zombies – Birthday

So, I first became aware of the Love Zombies track Birthday  when they played it as the finale at their show in Camden with The Amorettes last month, and I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t immediately because of Hollis’s supersweet power pop vocal and driving chorus, although it does have that to recommend it. No, more I was aware of it because of the massive cake fight that broke out, which I’m fairly sure Hollis herself started, man that night got… slippery. But, I digress, this is another dead catchy pop punk number from them Zombies of Love, out now, check it out on Soundcloud.

Joanovarc – Dragon In The Sky

Joanovarc have been knocking around the London circuit for years now, always pushing hard to try and get their music out there and get more exposure, although somehow they never quite have. But perhaps their time is about upon us with this little slice of psychedelic pop rock, which has just recently been playlisted on Planet Rock. It’s a happy little tune with a bouncy riff, but with a strong back story around mental illness, which you can see played out in the video. Their long awaited debut album Ride Of Your Life comes out November 11th, with a launch party at the Black Heart in Camden on November 30th.

SIXX AM – We Will Not Go Quietly

I’m going to have to put it out there, I’ve always been a bit underwhelmed by SIXX AM, if you ask me, the first Brides Of Destruction record remains Nikki Sixx’s creative peak of recent years. Nevertheless, it is good to have Sixx back on active service, and We Will Not Go Quietly is a defiant, driving, statement of intent that is at once both powerful and radio friendly. I imagine we’ll be hearing a fair bit of this one ahead of the new album, Prayers For The Blessed on November 18th, the companion disc to this April’s Prayers For The Damned (do you see what they did there?). Watch the video over on YouTube now.

Slowcoaches – Drag

Starting out initially as a noise outfit, Slowcoaches have over time coalesced into a great fun sloppy garage punk band, bringing to mind Elastica and the more aggressive end of Kenickie, or Ash in the fury of their first mini album, Trailer. It’s always a skill in my mind to make a bit raucous ungodly noise, but still keep hooks and melody, and that’s something Slowcoaches seem to be getting the knack of quite nicely. Have a listen to the track yourself on Soundcloud, and if it grabs you, the album is out in December with a UK tour.

The Ramonas – Speak Up

Easily the UK’s premiere all-girl Ramones tribute, The Ramonas put on a tight, fult-tilt Ramones show with snarling aggression but also a great love for the music, which comes highly recommended from us if you get the chance. But we must admit we were surprised to hear they were putting out an original single, and bar what I suppose must have been a habitual 1234 intro, Speak Up owes perhaps more to the urban dystopias of early Rancid, or The Offspring when they’re not making novelty records. Speak Up is the lead track from a whole EP of original material You Asked For It which is promised soon, see the video now on YouTube.

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage              

Running to a good eight and a half minutes, the much anticipated new material from behmothic heavy metal weirdos Avenged Sevenfold certainly has a lot going on, it’s more a multi act drama than a comeback single. It would be premature to hope on the back of this that we’re looking at a return to form, but the epic bombast and ridiculous grandeur on display here suggest at least that they’re done pumping out sub-par Metallica covers as on the last album, which can only be a good thing. The new album of the same name was sneakily released yesterday, they tour the UK in January 2017, and you can see the video on YouTube. Hail To The Kings baby!