Singles Roundup

Singles Roundup November 2016

Happy November everybody out there in Pure Rawk land! Cold init, and apparently there’s some shit with Santas and snowmen on the horizon too, yikes. Until then though, here’s this months pick of what’s new in our singles inbox.

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Lowly Hounds – What Fools Will Do

This month starts us off with some energetic garage rock from Lowly Hounds. Jagged stabbing guitar meets a soaring melody in the chorus, all bouncing along nicely with a bit of the old loud-quiet-loud. Very nice! Produced by Mike Quinn from Supergrass, and if you’re a fan of the kind of late 90 / early 00s indie rock that they excelled at, you may well enjoy this.

Check out the track (and loads more by Lowly Hounds) on Soundcloud.

Saint Agnes – Merry Mother of God Go Round

Lurching, screaming and woozy, Merry Mother of God Go Round is a pretty apt title for this massive seasick riff monster of a single from Pure Rawk’s favourite garage-psych deviants Saint Agnes. Expect bludgeoning chords, Doors meets Deep Purple on the keyboards and a vicious mouth harp from our man Jon Tufnell.

The single comes out on limited seven inch vinyl, which you can get from their launch show at Oslo in Hackney on December 8th.

The Empty Page – Wardrobe Malfunction

If you’re a devout reader of this site you can’t have failed to have heard of The Empty Page by now, and with good reason. Having moved on a bit from the more metallic sounds of Obsessive Compulsive, they have had a second bloom with the great melodic post-grunge / alt 90s sounds on the album Unfolding. Often more issue-based angst than lovesick, this latest single takes on transphobia, and challenges those in society and the media that fear such difference, and seek to dictate a norm.

Released to coincide with trans awareness month this November, there is a video to go with it by Ash Pears at AshTV up on YouTube.

Bleeker – Free

Swaggering, bluesy and bouncy, Canadian Alt-rockers Bleeker have thrown a few singles at the UK shores, and did their first UK dates supporting Royal Republic back in October. Coming on like a high octane meeting of Jet and Wolfmother, this is a great little two and a half minute hard rock track. This and previous singles Highway (Top 10 in Canada, fact fans!) and Where’s Your Money? are leading up to the big event in February with their debut album Erase.

Til then, you can catch the lyric video for Free on YouTube.

Young Romance – Pulling At The Grey

What would happen if you put Kate Bush fronting mid-career Placebo, but fuzzed them up as much as The Pixies? Well, that will probably never happen, but if it did, it might sound a bit like the new single from Young Romance. Pulling At The Grey is fuzzy, ethereal and catchy as hell, and will leave a warm ember in your cold dark heart.

Their debut album Another’s Blood is out on November 25th, and you can hear the single on Soundcloud now.