Singles Roundup

Singles Roundup February 2017

Howdy folks, how’s things, not too windswept I hope? If it seems like a while since I’ve done one of these, well, it is, because frankly naff all worth mentioning came out in January. But here good friends, is our pick of February’s singles.

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Danko Jones – My Little Rock N Roll

Danko Jones have been plugging away at the old rock n roll game for over 20 years now, and with their last album, 2015’s excellent Fire Music, it’s really started to pay off, gaining the band their highest chart positions yet. This new single My Little Rock N Roll (is it about a girl, is it about the life?) is a raw cocksure swagger of a thing, and precedes their new album Wild Cat out this week.

Catch the spooky animated video for the single on YouTube, and see the band on tour the UK in March.

Death Koolaid – Emmeline

We had this lot on at the Pure Rawk Awards last year, and if My Ruin or Queen Adreena are your bag, then best prick up your ears as we think you’ll like these. Female led venomous punk metal, their latest single Emmeline is a sick, lurching, high speed horror nasty thing, and all the better for it.

Have a listen for yourself on Soundcloud, and the single launch party is at Camden’s Black Heart on March 9th.

Blondie – My Monster

I’m always pleasantly surprised when new Blondie tracks pop up, I’m not sure why, it’s not like Debbie Harry and Co have ever really hit a bad patch since their reformation in the late 90s. Their latest track My Monster (written for the band by Johnny Marr) is exactly what you want from a Blondie record, new wave pop with a disco beat, and a bit of 21st century electronic zizz on top.

The band have just announced a summer tour with Garbage which is sadly just North America at the moment, but you can catch them at Camden’s Roundhouse in May for a one off show. For now though, hear the single for yourself over on YouTube.

K.Flay – Black Wave

Now, this one is going to be a bit of a matter of taste, but I reckon K.Flay could be on to something. Throwing up the elements of rock, metal, hip hop and electronic in a similar way as Twenty One Pilots did last year (but without being anywhere near as tedious), K.Flay has created something that has the shimmering reflective vocals of something like PVRIS and the mental electronic beats of Atari Teenage Riot or Enter Shikari, whilst making the whole thing remarkably catchy.

Watch the lyric video over on YouTube and make up your own mind.

Tequila Mockingbyrd – Never Go Home

We made this Video Of The Day the other week, but I reckon it deserves another mention. Good solid Aussie drinking bar room rock n roll, Tequila Mockingbyrd are great fun, and on this one in particular remind me of much missed Pure Rawk favourites Shush. Recently signed to Off Yer Rocka Recordings, home to The Quireboys and The Amorettes, these guys are always up for a party, and this track is about just that.

Catch the band dressed as mad drunk old grannies in the video over on YouTube… and why not.

The Dahmers – Nightcrawler EP

With an energy that reminds me a lot of early Supergrass and have a vocal that’s a bit sneering Brett Anderson, but the whole though is a lot more 70s rock in the style of perhaps The Biters. Either way, this is a fun little nugget of indie pop punk, with lead track Nightcrawler and the cover art heavily influence by 50s B-Movies and old video nasties, a theme which it looks like they’ll be carrying forward in their forthcoming album In The Dead Of Night.

Stream the whole thing on Spotify, or listen to Nightcrawler on Soundcloud.