Singles Roundup

Singles Roundup March 2017

Well bugger me, did you see that? The sun’s out! Still fucking freezing though init, it can only be March. Well if you can spare us ten minutes, here’s a handful of the best single we’ve been sent this month.

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IDestroy – Annie / 98%

We rather enjoyed IDestroy’s Vanity Loves Me EP back in 2016, so it’s good to see these Bristol ladies back with a new single. Annie share’s its name with the Elastica single of the same name, and whilst these girls are hardly Britpop, they do kinda have a similar swagger to them. Riot grrrrl sneers meet charming indie-pop woooh-wooohs on the chorus, in an altogether pleasing meeting of attitude and melody.

The band are halfway through their spring tour, and will be hitting Germany in May. In the meantime, you can stream the single over on Soundcloud.

Clever Thing – Fixer Upper

Featuring ex-members of 80s Matchbox, Pink Lizards, Bad For Lazarus and UNKLE, Brighton’s Clever Thing certainly come to this project with a few tricks up their collective sleeves. Stomping, sinister and fuzzed to hell, this is delightfully twisted garage pop, raw and weird as you like, but still quite sweet, with a definite edge of Jack White at full-freakout.

You can catch them at Brighton’s Green Door Store on April 28th, or The Finsbury in London on May 5th. Until then, you can find the single on Soundcloud.

The Fiascos – Destroy Your Radio / Until I Sleep

I’m pretty sure most of our long time readers will know these pissed-up reprobates by now, if not through their current Fiascoid incarnation, then through previous outfits Kitty Hudson and Dead Identities. There is no revolutionary deviation from either of those hi-energy pop/punk templates here, with Keef Gibbs and Richie Hudson taking turns on vocal duties and guitars, Ben Lawson (Spizzenergi) on bass and the inevitable Robin Guy (All Bands Ever) on drums, but why change a winning formula?

High octane, high speed and a dangerously high alcohol content, The Fiascos are your new party band. Catch the video on YouTube, or purchase from the band’s website.

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Nightmare

The good Admiral sound like Motorhead, motorbikes and motor oil, and have their feet firmly placed in the good old days of heavy rock in the 1970s. Taking in Black Sabbath, the aforementioned ‘head, Budgie, Slade, a bit of Quo and a lot of vintage porn, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell create a smoky and sweaty homage to their heroes in a similar vein to Ten Benson or Tokyo Dragons, but with a good dollop of their own unique sludge for good measure.

Catch their current riot of tits, denim and death over on YouTube, or catch them on tour in the UK in May.