Mammoth 52-Song Compilation Released To Aid Cleft Guitarist’s Cancer Fight

The DIY music scene has been pulling together to aid one of its own after Dan Beesley, guitarist from recently defunct turbo-prog mentalists Cleft, found himself in a second battle with brain cancer.

Initially diagnosed with a 10cm tumour in early 2015, Dan was successfully treated on the NHS in Manchester and Salford. Unfortunately, following a routine scan, it was revealed that Dan now has another tumour in the same place as well as an additional one near his brain stem making it inoperable. After adopting an alternative lifestyle by turning fully vegan and cutting out alcohol, caffeine and gluten, he’s been exploring other options that give him the best chance against the disease. This has led to the discovery of a cancer clinic abroad that offers treatment not available in the UK which have an 80% remission rate, but not without a substantial cost; £50,000 to be precise.

To help raise the funds that could save Dan’s life, fellow bands have been fundraising in various ways with Heck recently announcing that profits from all their remaining merchandise will go to Dan’s fight, whilst Bad Grammar guitarist and vocalist Ben Forrester has pulled together an epic 52-song charity compilation album.

Announcing the release, Ben said: “There have been so many awesome fund raising events and ideas that have been happening over the last few weeks, so I contacted a bunch of bands and artists that have been inspired by Dan’s gnarly musical talents and asked if they wanted to give us a tune!”

The result sees a wide range of bands donating tracks, some exclusively, in aid of Dan’s cause. Available through Bandcamp for a donation of £10 (or more if you have a few of those old pound coins you need to get rid of), the album features, amongst others, Jamie Lenman, Vennart, Axes, Tiger Moth, The Hyena Kill, False Advertising, Falls, Trojan Horse, Claw The Thin Ice, Mums and of course Cleft themselves.

You can buy The Bees Knees: A Compilation For Dan from Bandcamp, for £10 or more.

Alternatively you can read more and donate at Dan’s Just Giving page.