PREVIEW: Indie Daze 4, Kentish Town Forum

Believe it or not younger readers, there was once a time when indie music wasn’t solely the preserve of badly-bearded hipsters in ill-fitting retro clothes. Back when your correspondent was growing up in the pre-Britpop early ’90s, indie gigs were less about fashion and being seen and more about going out with your mates, sinking a few pints and enjoying yourself. So it was with some interest that we noted the Indie Daze 4 festival coming up in the near future with several names which should bring back fond memories of those days. Such as…

Voice Of The Beehive

Possibly the greatest pop band of the last thirty years, Indie Daze 4 sees Voice Of The Beehive reform for their first gig in almost 15 years. Breaking through at the tail end of the 80s and fronted by sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke with Madness’ Woody behind the drum stool, the group specialised in sunny Californian bubblegum pop music with a deceptively dark undercurrent, and managed an impressive string of Top 40 hits including the classics Monsters And Angels, Don’t Call Me Baby, Perfect Place and I Walk The Earth.

Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls

Milo and Erica should really need no introduction here as two fifths of The Wonder Stuff, still very much active after all these years and with a string of good albums to prove that the fire’s very much still there, most recently last year’s 30 Goes Around The Sun. However, they’ve also put together a few albums as an acoustic duo and currently have a new one out called We Came Here To Work. Expect a good mix of old Stuffies classics and new material from them at Indie Daze 4.


Arguably the great forgotten band of the grebo/fraggle era, before there was Kasabian (yuck!), Leicester had Crazyhead. Sounding like the missing link between The Wonder Stuff’s pop sensibilities and Zodiac Mindwarp’s scuzzed up biker rock, their (sadly) one and only album Desert Orchid is a lost classic of the era with such headbanger friendly tunes as The Ballad Of Baby Turpentine and What Gives You The Idea That You’re So Amazing Baby?. Recently reformed, do we dare hope that some new material might be in the offing soon?

Also appearing on the day will be headliners The House Of Love, indie-dancefloor fillers Apollo 440, early ’90s stalwarts Thousand Yard Stare and Britpop era almost-weres Salad and Bis. All in all, it looks like it could be a fun day over at the Forum on October 7th.

For more information and tickets, you can visit the Indie Daze official website here.