Album Review: Midwich Cuckoos – “We Are Everywhere”

Although this lot are based in London of international lineage, they are not to be mixed up with the English 80s band that released the Show Me single. This band being the brainchild of Monsters In The Attic’s Patch Barbet, the band coming about initially as a result of Patch sending out ideas to friends in order for them to add their own musical parts, and build up some songs. This project then escalated into an album, with plans to bring an extra multimedia angle to touring if and when this occurs.

However, for all those grandiose plans, the bottom line is that it’s all about the music, and quite frankly this album doesn’t pass muster. It’s not that its a bad record, it just lacks that spark to make it stand out in the rock market to where its headed. Yeah, the press release mentions punk collective, but apart from the Brody Dalle vocals courtesy of Valentina, it’s really all tuneless grunge metal with alternating blast and solo guitars.

I was expecting a lot more from this record after reading the press release, but there you go, don’t believe what you read!