Album Review: Thundermother – “Thundermother”

Swedish all-girl metal band, right, that’s made you lot sit up and listen! This is the band’s third album, coming three years after Road Fever, during which time the only remaining member of that lineup is guitarist Filippa Nassil, which explains the delay.

The album is a mixture of metal chuggers, ballads and melodic rock, of which the band have served up an album featuring a clutch of decent tracks, underpinned by an AC/DC riff vibe, with the power ballad Fire In The Rain being the pick of the bunch. Indeed, throughout the album, the band seem more at home playing the slower tracks rather than trying to rock out, which may be due to this lineup being in its early stages. There is at least potential in the new line-up for the band to gel.

I look forward to seeing this lot in the live arena which is where I assume they will excel.