Meet the people who do stuff at Pure Rawk HQ.

Nicola “Nix” Crichton

Publication Editor / Founder

Fell out of the sky in a meteor covered in glitter. Raised by wolves for 30 minutes and abandoned in Balham with rightful parents. Later moved to Croydon.  Destroyed Jive Bunny and the Master Mix tape and all was right in the world. Drank beer and all became clear. She’s now here.

Bands n’ artists: Far too many to count … and an eclectic mix at that.

Likes: Jagermeister, beer, wine, glitter, stars, denim, haribo, drawing, writing, playing video games, photography, BBQ and inappropriate laughing.

Dislikes: Not having the above. Poor band demos that hurt ears.


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“Sexy” Dave Ashworth

Deputy Editor – CD/Live Reviews and columns

Born to rock harder than a nun on the run. Wilder than man or beast. Could drink Chuck Norris into the ground. Eclectic tastes ranging from the hard and heavy stuff to sweet power rock tunes. Don’t mess with the Dave, he’ll break your fruit machine and fall in your chest freezer.

In freak beer pressure accident, brain cell was spliced with Nix’s brain cell. Damn.

Likes: Quality ale, quality wine, quality whiskey, quality steak, breasts, rollerderby, shambling, rock and roll, heavy metal, blues, classic fiction and science fiction, being made dinner, whiskey, marxism, comics, abstracts, pie, particle physics, cartoons and big boots.

Dislikes: Burning dinner and not having any of the above.


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Trudi Knight

Photographer/ Live reviews Editor / Web Design Guru

Born. Discovered Twisted Sister aged 11. Makes most life decisions based on proximity to rock.

Likes: Photography, Mexico, Wahaca, Tequila, Rum, Tea, Boots, Rock and Roll, Tattoos, assassinating WordPress. Can be bribed with Jaffa cakes.

Dislikes: Stages too high to see over, rubbish lighting at gigs.


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Contributors past and present: Andy James Close, Bob Singleton, Greig Clifford, Ila Desai, JJ Lee, Jon Seymour, Karen Hammond, Karl Eisenhauer, Kristian Kotilainen, Mary Evans, Nik Alexander, Simone Maree, Sophie Garrett, Tazz Stander.