Author Andy Close

Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred and now returned to GOC after a decade in exile down south. One time rock 'n' roll hellraiser now living a slightly quieter life but still trying to get out to see decent rock 'n' roll and listen to awesome new bands whenever the opportunity presents itself. Lives to take the rip, dies from retaliation...

Single Review: Kiria – “Jelly Baby”

For those of you despairing at the fact that the hated X Factor has been commissioned for another series to pollute our ears with more sanitised corpo-pop slop and wondering what the heck happened to the days when bands could write good simple catchy pop songs … I think I may have spotted a small speck of light at the end of the tunnel. And for once it doesn’t look like it’s merely an oncoming train either.

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LIVE – King Salami & The Cumberland Three/Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons (The Gaff, 15/10/10)

Credit I think has to go to the good folks at the Gaff for hitting on a top gig line-up at the last minute here. Until a week ago, this gig was going to be headlined by chirpy pop-punks the DeRellas until unforeseen circumstances caused them to cancel. Last minute replacements were sought and duly found and the result was a damn fine evening for all concerned.

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Album Review: The Scaramanga Six – “Songs Of Prey”

Steven Morricone is probably best known to readers as the original bassist with the best new band in Britain today (and no arguing you at the back) the Eureka Machines. However, what you may not know is that he actually has another band which has been going for quite a few years longer (all the way back to the Britpop days in fact and whose line-up at one time featured Eurekas’ mainman Chris Catalyst), the Scaramanga Six. Now on their fourth album, they’ve come up with a bit of a belter here.

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“Back In Business” – An Interview with the Loyalties

It’s fair to say that the Loyalties are one of those bands who, in this writer’s humble opinion, deserve to be a lot bigger than they are. Formed out of the ashes of the Yo-Yo’s by singer/bassist Tom Spencer and guitarist Rich Jones after their long-time bandmate Danny McCormack (ex-Wildhearts) opted to take a sabbatical from music, the group were regulars on the London gig circuit through from their formation in 2006 until last year and put out a storming album “So Much For Soho” in 2008. Containing several tales of living the barfly lifestyle in the less salubrious establishments of the West End, it certainly struck a chord with those of us on the Pure Rawk staff (no names mentioned) who also spend most of our weekends imbibing in and around Denmark Street on the hunt for great new life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll music and on a journey to hangover central the following afternoon when consciousness comes a-calling again.

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