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Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, now living in exile in Hertfordshire. One time rock 'n' roll hellraiser now living a slightly quieter life but still trying to get out to see decent rock 'n' roll and listen to awesome new bands whenever the opportunity presents itself. Lives to take the rip, dies from retaliation...

LIVE – The Bermondsey Joyriders/Long Tall Shorty (The 100 Club, 3/9/10)

Going into this gig, I had some very limited knowledge of Long Tall Shorty in that I’d heard one of their songs called “1970’s Boy” on some cheapo punk compilation a few years back and knew that they were an early ’80s mod-punk band whose frontman Tony Perfect later went on to join one of my favourite punk groups the Angelic Upstarts. The group have recently emerged from their 20-year-plus hibernation and appear to have gained an extra dose of punk attitude along the way as tonight they play an impressively tight set which reminds me a lot of the Jam’s spikier moments and ends with a competent cover of “I Fought The Law”. Not bad at all.

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LIVE – Andy J’s Gig Round-Up (20-21/8/2010)

After a few quiet weeks, the gig scene in London appears to be picking up again. So much so in fact that this weekend saw me taking in no less than three gigs in two nights. Now I could’ve written these all up separately but I figured instead, I’d cram ’em all into one article for three reasons – a) it saves space on this site, b) it makes it easier for you to browse dear reader and c) if I’m honest I’m just a bit lazy. So here you go, my gig diary of the weekend – enjoy…

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LIVE – Zombina & The Skeletones (Hackney Stour Space, 26/6/10)

Well this is different. As fellow Pure Rawk scribe Sexy Dave and myself get off the last train east at Hackney Wick station and head through a giant industrial estate called Fish Island somewhere just off the Eastway as the witching hour approaches and the full moon hovers overhead in the sky, it seems kind of apt that we’re heading for a night of zombie rock ‘n’ roll at a converted warehouse.

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