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Stone God: In the lap of the Gods

Richie Edwards, Toby Macfarlaine and Dan Hawkins (Stone Gods) interview with Louise Delahunty

Sitting backstage at Manchester’s Academy 3, watching Dan Hawkins shoot one of his road crew to the ground with a banana, then shoot himself in the head, I was pleased to see that rock tours the world over share the same underlying current of tomfoolery. Clearly very happy to be on tour together and putting on such glowing, crowd-pleasing shows, it would seem that Stone Gods have only a rosey future ahead of them. Already with an entourage of die-hard fans, both old and new, buzzing around them, there’s a real air of ‘something special happening’ when this band are on stage. I caught up with Richie Edwards, Toby Macfarlaine and Dan Hawkins to talk to them about touring, pub quizzes, dinner parties and punching monkeys! (The latter is not a euphemism.)

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