‘Foot In The Door

Interview with Joe Satriani of Chickenfoot with Nicola “Nix” Crichton

Recently branded as the best new band, Chickenfoot is a matured mix of addictive rock riffs, sharp drumming, rumbling bass lines and powerhouse vocals – enough to tear the ceiling down. ‘Supergroups’ come and go … but I’ve got a feeling that the collective talents of Sammy Hagar (ex Van Halen), Michael Anthony (ex Van Halen), Chad Smith (red Hot Chili Peppers) and Joe Satriani will leave an everlasting mark on good time rock n’ roll.

Nix chats to solo legend and Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani about how it all started, winning the Classic Rock Magazine new band award, the debut album and crazy drummers.

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Talking to the Tempest – Europe Interview

Far from ‘one last look at Eden’, Europe are back with the intention of showing the world a new and determined side. Fresh from a couple of summer festivals, they are spreading their riffs and hard hitting vocals to a new breed of rock and metal faithful.

Europe frontman, Joey Tempest talks to Pure Rawk’s Nix about the brand new album ‘Last Look At Eden’, their recent Bloodstock appearance, covers, the ‘break’ and how they came to create one of the greatest rock party songs of all time – The Final Countdown.

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Return of the ‘Caskets

Jamie D from Teenage Casket Company interview with Nix.

Teenage Casket Company were one of the first bands Pure Rawk got its proverbial teeth in to. Their brilliant power pop fused with punk n’ roll gave them a delightful edge on a varied alternative circuit – well, one which was 80’s excess or indie.

After nearly two years since JD, Spike, Wylde and Laney shared the same stage – TCC are back again. Pure Rawk caught up with Jamie Delerict to talk about what all of the guys have been up to and what’s going to happen next.

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