Interview: A Therapy? session with Michael McKeegan.

When one talks about the music scene in Northern Ireland, there really hasn’t been one band or artist more dominant throughout the 90s, 00’s, and now in 2016 and still showing no signs of slowing down, then one can only be talking about Antrim’s own, Therapy? ‘Tides’, the third single from the bands 14th studio album ‘Disquiet’ is due for physical release in April. Bassist and resident Evil Priest, Michael McKeegan took some time out to chat to Shaun Neary before the band headed back out on the road. Continue Reading

AAA: Ashestoangels – The Tunnels, Bristol 24/01/2016

To give an indication of how fast time actually has flown, it’s only been eight months since we touched base with the guys from Bristol’s Ashestoangels. In that time, they have managed to embark on another UK tour, fly over and tour the United States and start writing and recording material for their upcoming fourth album.

Their video for “Find Hell” surfaced only a week ago, and the band find themselves coming home again, as The Last Sunrise tour with Aiden stopped off at The Tunnels in Bristol last Sunday night. We were fortunate enough to get a few words from the band about the upcoming album and their recent tour, as well as get an all access photo pass to the show. Continue Reading

“We cannot stop, and we will not stop” – An Interview with The Scaramanga Six

The Scaramanga Six have been making music for 20 years now, and have eight studio albums and a long list of EP’s to their name. Yet despite this, and even though the underground music sites have been championing their dramatic pop rock for some time, they have yet to find themselves basking in the public adoration that they’ve long deserved.

With the release of album number eight The Terrifying Dream maybe that could all change. Multi-instrumentalist Paul Morricone, one half of the twin brother axis around which the band revolves, talks dreams, musicals and forcing the band’s music into the centre of your attention. Continue Reading

“We’re only in it for the puns” – An interview with Kleine Schweine

Their tunes rarely break the two minute mark and their song titles are a never ending assault of punnage, so on this evidence you might think that Leeds’ Kleine Schweine are just another throw away punk band, but you’d be wrong. With lyrics that are as much a history lesson as they are a skewering of modern day politics, Kleine Schweine are a band who, in the tradition of groups such as Dead Kennedys, marry hard hitting lyrics to humour, buzzsaw guitars, aggression and hooks.

Earlier this year they released their second album In Your Own Back Yard via Pledge music, and in October they’ll be taking their raucous punk rock to the unusual climes of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Bassist Declan Hogan took some time out from writing political puns to answer a few questions. Continue Reading

“I just hope people venture out from behind a computer screen” – An Interview with The Spitfires

It would come as no surprise to those that have heard The Spitfires’ music that a chunk of their influences come from the late 70’s and early 80’s, but the band’s attitude and youth make them very much a band with both feet firmly planted in the present.

After making waves with some energetic live shows that impressed the likes of Paul Weller and The Specials, both of whom took them out on tour, they have built up an impressive fanbase. Now they’re heading out on a lengthy tour of the UK, and their debut album Response is just around the corner, so 2015 is set to be a big year for these four lads from Watford.

Pure Rawk caught up with front man Billy Sullivan to ask about the new album, new members and tempting people away from their computers… Continue Reading

“Hitting a pheasant at 70mph” – An Interview with The Bastard Sons

Hard working, hard rocking and with two EPs full of big riffs and big tunes in their back pocket, York’s The Bastard Sons are set to release Smoke, their first full length into the world.  They’ve garnered all sorts of attention with powerful live shows and recently managed to bag a support slot with hardcore legends Snot. But what’s the deal with this bunch of hairy northerners and why should you care? Pure Rawk decided to ask them and here’s what drummer Rich Hardy had to say… Continue Reading