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Zen Motel release first EP of 2012!

Following on from the teaser that was last years comeback track Nobody But You, Zen Motel released their first EP of 2012 last week, the Cranked EP. Featuring Nobody But You, three previously unheard tracks and a storming cover of garage-rockers The Sonics’ classic, The Witch, this is the first salvo of the band’s ambitious ’50 songs for 2012′ challenge.

After a few years away, and a new refreshed lineup, any band would be keen to get out there and get doing something again. But Zen Motel, as ever, have decided to go one step further, aiming at ‘one year, 50 songs, written, recorded (properly) and released’ for 2012.

As the first fruits of this epic adventure, the Cranked EP is, as you might expect, a nod back at what has gone before, and a heavy hint at what’s yet to come in a full length album to follow, as soon as they can raise the money to record it. It also features the vocal debut of new member and songwriter Dario Cole, adding plenty of new tricks to the band’s extensive arsenal.

Released through online label Corporate Records, who provide an outlet for independent artists to release music with all the official gubbins taken care of, while the band still see the sales revenue, within a few days the EP had reached number 2 on the sites download chart. Hear it for yourself, and put a few quid towards the album, at /