Singles Roundup

Singles Roundup February 2017

Howdy folks, how’s things, not too windswept I hope? If it seems like a while since I’ve done one of these, well, it is, because frankly naff all worth mentioning came out in January. But here good friends, is our pick of February’s singles.

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Danko Jones – My Little Rock N Roll

Danko Jones have been plugging away at the old rock n roll game for over 20 years now, and with their last album, 2015’s excellent Fire Music, it’s really started to pay off, gaining the band their highest chart positions yet. This new single My Little Rock N Roll (is it about a girl, is it about the life?) is a raw cocksure swagger of a thing, and precedes their new album Wild Cat out this week.

Catch the spooky animated video for the single on YouTube, and see the band on tour the UK in March.

Death Koolaid – Emmeline

We had this lot on at the Pure Rawk Awards last year, and if My Ruin or Queen Adreena are your bag, then best prick up your ears as we think you’ll like these. Female led venomous punk metal, their latest single Emmeline is a sick, lurching, high speed horror nasty thing, and all the better for it.

Have a listen for yourself on Soundcloud, and the single launch party is at Camden’s Black Heart on March 9th.

Blondie – My Monster

I’m always pleasantly surprised when new Blondie tracks pop up, I’m not sure why, it’s not like Debbie Harry and Co have ever really hit a bad patch since their reformation in the late 90s. Their latest track My Monster (written for the band by Johnny Marr) is exactly what you want from a Blondie record, new wave pop with a disco beat, and a bit of 21st century electronic zizz on top.

The band have just announced a summer tour with Garbage which is sadly just North America at the moment, but you can catch them at Camden’s Roundhouse in May for a one off show. For now though, hear the single for yourself over on YouTube.

K.Flay – Black Wave

Now, this one is going to be a bit of a matter of taste, but I reckon K.Flay could be on to something. Throwing up the elements of rock, metal, hip hop and electronic in a similar way as Twenty One Pilots did last year (but without being anywhere near as tedious), K.Flay has created something that has the shimmering reflective vocals of something like PVRIS and the mental electronic beats of Atari Teenage Riot or Enter Shikari, whilst making the whole thing remarkably catchy.

Watch the lyric video over on YouTube and make up your own mind.

Tequila Mockingbyrd – Never Go Home

We made this Video Of The Day the other week, but I reckon it deserves another mention. Good solid Aussie drinking bar room rock n roll, Tequila Mockingbyrd are great fun, and on this one in particular remind me of much missed Pure Rawk favourites Shush. Recently signed to Off Yer Rocka Recordings, home to The Quireboys and The Amorettes, these guys are always up for a party, and this track is about just that.

Catch the band dressed as mad drunk old grannies in the video over on YouTube… and why not.

The Dahmers – Nightcrawler EP

With an energy that reminds me a lot of early Supergrass and have a vocal that’s a bit sneering Brett Anderson, but the whole though is a lot more 70s rock in the style of perhaps The Biters. Either way, this is a fun little nugget of indie pop punk, with lead track Nightcrawler and the cover art heavily influence by 50s B-Movies and old video nasties, a theme which it looks like they’ll be carrying forward in their forthcoming album In The Dead Of Night.

Stream the whole thing on Spotify, or listen to Nightcrawler on Soundcloud.

Singles Roundup December 2016

So here we sit in that dead space between Christmas and New Year, we’ve over indulged, and yet somehow there is still a big tin of chocolates left over. STOP EATING for FIVE MINUTES please, and have a look at these, some of our favourite singles from the month of December, absolutely no Christmas songs guaranteed…

Greybeards – Cold Grey December

Here’s a nice cheery one to start on from Sweden’s Greybeards. This little slice of positivity comes over as part way between AFI and Against Me!, where despair and desolation sit well alongside jagged melody and an edge of the outcast anthem. If you’re trying to make sense of the confusing mess that 2016 has left us, then maybe this will help? Or it might tip you over the edge, who knows.

Check out the lyric video on YouTube and find out for yourself.

The Sly Persuaders – Watch & Learn

Watch &Learn is another shimmering slice of garage psych rock from London’s Sly Persuaders, reverb laden and rumbling of bass, with an attitude that sits just the right side of cocksure. These guys will be making a lot of people’s end of year best of lists, and have been a formidable presence this year alongside Saint Agnes and other Roadkill Record stablemates on the live circuit, so it’s great to see a release date of February 2017 for their debut self-titled album.

Hear this track over on Soundcloud now, and put 24th February in your diaries for the launch party over at Nambucca.

Oh! Gunquit – Nomads of The Lost

Oh Gunquit put out an excellent album last year in the slightly unhinged Eat Yuppies and Dance, so it’s good to hear some new material from these cool cats (there was a Hot Cross Fun EP earlier in the year, but we missed that, oops). Nomads of The Lost  is a great piece of horn-laden sci-fi freakabilly that oozes charm, b-movie aesthetics and swing, just check out the Cramps-y surreal DIY video to see them terrorising the innocent at Kings Cross / St Pancras station.

The single is backed with Walking The Streets, and is available now on green vinyl.

Lucy and The Rats – This Situation

Lucy and The Rats kinda sound something like the name of a girl gang from Grease don’t they? Well, it’s an apt reference point, coming across with a garage rock sound which owes something to Joan Jett, 50s greasers and the classic 60s girl group melodic sound, at once both beautiful and deadly. Fronted by the eponymous Lucy from Aussie pop punkers The Spazzies, and backed by ex-members of Michael Jackson (not that one, the band Michael Jackson), The Rats are starting to make an impact on the London live scene, and this October landed a spot opening for The Buzzcocks.

This Situation is the bands third single, and you can get hold of it over at Dirty Water Records.

Various Artists – Tribute To Lemmy Kilmister EP

Yep, it’s Christmas time, which can only mean one thing – its Lemmy’s birthday! Or rather, it would have been, seeing as sadly it’s now his memorial. A fitting tribute, this snotty little 7” of homages to the man has contributions from King Mastino, The Chuck Norris Experiment, Bitch Queens and everyone’s favourite sex pests, The Hip Priests. It’s all good, but Bitch Queens and Hip Priest on the b-side doing No Class and The Hammer respectively stand out, adding a shit tonne of energy and malice to well-known classics.

Listen and purchase now on Bandcamp.

Singles Roundup November 2016

Happy November everybody out there in Pure Rawk land! Cold init, and apparently there’s some shit with Santas and snowmen on the horizon too, yikes. Until then though, here’s this months pick of what’s new in our singles inbox.

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Lowly Hounds – What Fools Will Do

This month starts us off with some energetic garage rock from Lowly Hounds. Jagged stabbing guitar meets a soaring melody in the chorus, all bouncing along nicely with a bit of the old loud-quiet-loud. Very nice! Produced by Mike Quinn from Supergrass, and if you’re a fan of the kind of late 90 / early 00s indie rock that they excelled at, you may well enjoy this.

Check out the track (and loads more by Lowly Hounds) on Soundcloud.

Saint Agnes – Merry Mother of God Go Round

Lurching, screaming and woozy, Merry Mother of God Go Round is a pretty apt title for this massive seasick riff monster of a single from Pure Rawk’s favourite garage-psych deviants Saint Agnes. Expect bludgeoning chords, Doors meets Deep Purple on the keyboards and a vicious mouth harp from our man Jon Tufnell.

The single comes out on limited seven inch vinyl, which you can get from their launch show at Oslo in Hackney on December 8th.

The Empty Page – Wardrobe Malfunction

If you’re a devout reader of this site you can’t have failed to have heard of The Empty Page by now, and with good reason. Having moved on a bit from the more metallic sounds of Obsessive Compulsive, they have had a second bloom with the great melodic post-grunge / alt 90s sounds on the album Unfolding. Often more issue-based angst than lovesick, this latest single takes on transphobia, and challenges those in society and the media that fear such difference, and seek to dictate a norm.

Released to coincide with trans awareness month this November, there is a video to go with it by Ash Pears at AshTV up on YouTube.

Bleeker – Free

Swaggering, bluesy and bouncy, Canadian Alt-rockers Bleeker have thrown a few singles at the UK shores, and did their first UK dates supporting Royal Republic back in October. Coming on like a high octane meeting of Jet and Wolfmother, this is a great little two and a half minute hard rock track. This and previous singles Highway (Top 10 in Canada, fact fans!) and Where’s Your Money? are leading up to the big event in February with their debut album Erase.

Til then, you can catch the lyric video for Free on YouTube.

Young Romance – Pulling At The Grey

What would happen if you put Kate Bush fronting mid-career Placebo, but fuzzed them up as much as The Pixies? Well, that will probably never happen, but if it did, it might sound a bit like the new single from Young Romance. Pulling At The Grey is fuzzy, ethereal and catchy as hell, and will leave a warm ember in your cold dark heart.

Their debut album Another’s Blood is out on November 25th, and you can hear the single on Soundcloud now.

Singles Roundup October 2016

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and those as yet undecided to October’s singles roundup! You seemed to enjoy September’s outing, so we’re back with the latest batch of the best, or at least most interesting, new singles that have caught out attention this month.

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Love Zombies – Birthday

So, I first became aware of the Love Zombies track Birthday  when they played it as the finale at their show in Camden with The Amorettes last month, and I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t immediately because of Hollis’s supersweet power pop vocal and driving chorus, although it does have that to recommend it. No, more I was aware of it because of the massive cake fight that broke out, which I’m fairly sure Hollis herself started, man that night got… slippery. But, I digress, this is another dead catchy pop punk number from them Zombies of Love, out now, check it out on Soundcloud.

Joanovarc – Dragon In The Sky

Joanovarc have been knocking around the London circuit for years now, always pushing hard to try and get their music out there and get more exposure, although somehow they never quite have. But perhaps their time is about upon us with this little slice of psychedelic pop rock, which has just recently been playlisted on Planet Rock. It’s a happy little tune with a bouncy riff, but with a strong back story around mental illness, which you can see played out in the video. Their long awaited debut album Ride Of Your Life comes out November 11th, with a launch party at the Black Heart in Camden on November 30th.

SIXX AM – We Will Not Go Quietly

I’m going to have to put it out there, I’ve always been a bit underwhelmed by SIXX AM, if you ask me, the first Brides Of Destruction record remains Nikki Sixx’s creative peak of recent years. Nevertheless, it is good to have Sixx back on active service, and We Will Not Go Quietly is a defiant, driving, statement of intent that is at once both powerful and radio friendly. I imagine we’ll be hearing a fair bit of this one ahead of the new album, Prayers For The Blessed on November 18th, the companion disc to this April’s Prayers For The Damned (do you see what they did there?). Watch the video over on YouTube now.

Slowcoaches – Drag

Starting out initially as a noise outfit, Slowcoaches have over time coalesced into a great fun sloppy garage punk band, bringing to mind Elastica and the more aggressive end of Kenickie, or Ash in the fury of their first mini album, Trailer. It’s always a skill in my mind to make a bit raucous ungodly noise, but still keep hooks and melody, and that’s something Slowcoaches seem to be getting the knack of quite nicely. Have a listen to the track yourself on Soundcloud, and if it grabs you, the album is out in December with a UK tour.

The Ramonas – Speak Up

Easily the UK’s premiere all-girl Ramones tribute, The Ramonas put on a tight, fult-tilt Ramones show with snarling aggression but also a great love for the music, which comes highly recommended from us if you get the chance. But we must admit we were surprised to hear they were putting out an original single, and bar what I suppose must have been a habitual 1234 intro, Speak Up owes perhaps more to the urban dystopias of early Rancid, or The Offspring when they’re not making novelty records. Speak Up is the lead track from a whole EP of original material You Asked For It which is promised soon, see the video now on YouTube.

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage              

Running to a good eight and a half minutes, the much anticipated new material from behmothic heavy metal weirdos Avenged Sevenfold certainly has a lot going on, it’s more a multi act drama than a comeback single. It would be premature to hope on the back of this that we’re looking at a return to form, but the epic bombast and ridiculous grandeur on display here suggest at least that they’re done pumping out sub-par Metallica covers as on the last album, which can only be a good thing. The new album of the same name was sneakily released yesterday, they tour the UK in January 2017, and you can see the video on YouTube. Hail To The Kings baby!

Singles Roundup September 2016

Well now, how did your September go? Was it back to school, or just back to business as usual? As the summer finally died a death and caved into autumn, here are five singles that caught our eye and took our minds off it. Don’t agree? Well, come and give us a better suggestion at!

Dedwardians / Sly Persuaders – Split 7

We’re always pleased to see a bit of action from our favourite glam rockabilly stompers Dedwardians, and this team up with rising pysch-garage stars Sly Persuaders is a great match. Kick Me I’m Down from the Deds packs a bit more punch than recent recordings, and shares an edge of the sinister with the Persuaders’ effortlessly cool Elvis meet Mark E Smith offering on Wild For The Night.

Out now on Roadkill Records on a genuine real split 7” vinyl, although at £8, it is a bit pricey (download options are available).

Voodoo Vegas – Killing Joke

The lead single off a new album due in November, Killing Joke represents to the first new material to be released by the new refreshed Voodoo Vegas lineup. With musicianship honed by a solid few years on the road, this single finds the guys perhaps a little heavier and slower than earlier efforts, but sounding in fine form nonetheless.

Have a listen yourself at their Soundcloud page.

Louise Distras – Aileen

Louise Distras is a name I’ve seen bandied around a bit in the last year, but one that I’ve managed to tantalisingly miss on support slots. Aileen is a life-affirming little pop rock gem of a track, which wastes no time getting your fist in the air for a party, but at the same time is no dumb dance around the handbag anthem, it has its dark side. Think a British Brody Dalle or Joan Jett, with a fine ear for a good upbeat handclap.

Watch now on YouTube.

Datcha Mandala – Anahata

It’s not often something billed as heavy blues takes my fancy, but there’s something about French trio Datcha Mandala. Side A Misery’s piano and orchestral moments are heavily reminiscent of Muscle Museum era Muse, and at a healthy five minute run time Datcha Mandala give this time to build without getting too carried away. Side B Mojoy is a bit more of a traditional swamp blues affair, building the rhythm before taking it heavier.

These guys mainly hang out in Bordeaux, but you can also find them on Facebook

Dallas Frasca – Dirt Buzz EP

Coming out of Melbourne in a cloud of dust and beer cans, Dallas Frasca are mining the same rich vein of blues rock so popular with the likes of Rival Sons, but lead singer Dallas packs a lot more soul. Things often veer more in a Wolfmother kind of direction, but if they were fronted by The Pretty Reckless’s Taylor Momsen, which sounds pretty good to me.

This one isn’t out til November, when you can catch these guys supporting Ugly Kid Joe on a UK tour. Til then, check out Wasting Time, the video single.